AbGradCon 2011: Watch the Talks

Talks from Sunday, June 5

Greg Konesky: The Drake Equation: origins, evolution, and application to Astrobiology

Faegheh Moazeni: Holographic microscopy: a tool for detecting mobile microorganisms on Europa

Aaron Nowell: Rapid bacterial spore detection by time gated luminescence

Trevor Beard: An evaluation of hte inefficiency objection in origin of life theories: a lesson from Simpson's Paradox

Paul Black: Conjecture on the possibility that the highly selective response of DNA to ionizing radiation was an evolutionary force in the origin of life

Savannah Johnson: Conformational evolution: using self-assembling peptides to create diversity

Aaron Goldman: The TIM barrel fold, early life forms, and the nature of biological complexity

Lightning Poster Talks 1: Giada Arney, Betul Arslan, Chad Bernier, Bradley Burcar, Nicholas Demarais, Thomson Fisher, Elizabeth Frank

Heshan Illankoon: Exploring extremophile field sites in Tanzania, East Africa

Julia DeMarines: Social Implications of Astrobiology

Emily Knowles: The AbGradCon Charter

Sarah Walker: Research Focus Group

Shawn Domagal-Goldman: Astrobiology Primer Update

Mark Booth: Constraining the number of habitable planets using debris discs

Courtney Dressing: Using the Kepler February 2011 data release to estimate the frequency of planets

Andrew Siemion: A search for extraterrestrial intelligence in the Kepler Field

Lightning Poster Talks 2: David Gardenghi, Jennifer Glass, Gergley Goldschmidt, Edward Greiner, Amber, J. M. Jarrett, Neelambari Joshi, Tyler Mackey, Emma Marcuccci

Talks from Monday, June 6

Jose Aponte: Evidence for the homogeneity of abiotically synthesized organic matter in the solar system

Tyler Robinson: Once in a Pale Blue Dot: simulated observatinos of an extrasolar Earth-Moon system

Dimitra Atri: Extragalactic cosmic rays and terrestrial biodiversity cycles

Kate Craft: Models of Martian hydrothermal circulation, ice melt, and basalt alteration

Nicholas Craft: Cooperation of a GTPase and an Fe-S protein: the interaction of two functions likely present during abiogenesis

Benjamin Duffus: Astrobiological implications of the radical AdoMet enzyme HydG in promoting organic proto-biomolecule diversity in the prebiotic to biotic transition on the Early Earth

Alexander Gordon: Ammonia formation on iron sulfide surfaces under simulated hydrothermal conditions

Trinity Hamilton: Origin and evolution of biological nitrogen fixation

Greg Fournier: Ancestral reconstruction of synthetase paralogs: inferring ancient events in genetic code evolution

Lightning Poster Talks 3: Cassandra Marnocha, Rebecca McCauley, Celestine N. Mercer, Amit Misra, Jack O'Malley-James, Cedric Pienton, Sarah Rugheimer

Riccardo Longo: CYANOSPACE: Cyanobacteria from extreme desert to space

Ian Foster: Microbial permineralization in Phanerozoic gypsum deposits: high-potential target rocks for Astrobiology objectives

Amy Williams: Geobiology of acid-saline systems: evalulating Mars analogous biosignatures

Geoffrey Diemer: Astrovirology: virus evolution and biogeography

Anja Bauermeister: Acidophilic iron-sulfur bacteria and their relevance to Mars

Lightning Poster Talks 4: Megan Smith, Sanjoy Som, Kevin Swanson, Mariam Tarasahvili, Jesse Therien, Madhan Tirumalai, Nilesh Vaidya, Julio Valdivia-Silva, Samantha Waters, Anne Wintzer, Gaosen Zhang, Chunxiao Zho