About AbGradCon '13

AbGradCon (Astrobiology Graduate Conference) provides a unique setting for astrobiologically inclined graduate students and early career researchers to come together to share their research, collaborate, and network. AbGradCon 2013 marks the ninth year of this conference--each time in a different place and organized by a different group of students, but always with the original charter as a guide. This year AbGradCon will be held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada from June 10th-14th 2013. These meetings have been very successful both when connected to AbSciCon, and as stand-alone conferences. Since it is organized and attended by only graduate students and post docs, AbGradCon is an ideal venue for the next generation of career astrobiologists to form bonds, share ideas, and discuss the issues that will shape the future of the field. Take a look at the AbGradCon 2012 conference website to see what's happened in the past.

If you're still not convinced, check out these raps written by past AbGradCon attendees! Collaboratin' on the left was written at the 2009 conference at the University of Washington by Betsy Swanner. As for the video on the right, if the song isn't already familiar to you, check out this link.

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Betsy Swanner
AbGradCon, July 20, 2009

I was walkin’ through the forest just the other day,
Got the itch to collaborate in a real big way.

Science is fun, but it ain’t always easy,
Long nights in the lab have got me feelin’ queasy.

Got lots of new ideas and crazy cool thoughts,
But need a little help for the work to really rock.

Met Pilcher back in Spain and we chatted on the bus,
NAI has got the funds to start really great stuff.

Here in Seattle folks are blowin’ my mind.
New ways to look at things; so many things to find.

Once upon a time I thought the NAI was lame,
But I’m realizing the folks have really got a lot of game.

There’s just on more thing to Astrobiology heaven:
AbGradCon in Yellowstone in 2011!


Astrobiology Rap Featuring the Abgrads